Art – Floral

Original Watercolor and ink painting / NE.Perkins / NE photo-images

Original Watercolor and ink painting / NE.Perkins / NE photo-images

I have been getting some massive headaches under my eyes lately, add the pain in my hands and eyesight going bad, plus all the other physical pain I have…I am going to try to draw daily until I can’t anymore. Insomnia helped me try out some new techniques overnight. I literally went through numerous paintings, a lot went in the garbage and a few are saved for my kids. They usually get my no-goes and they add their own artistic touches. Good way to recycle your own art. Last one for today…my hands are killing me. Till next time – NE.Perkins

Art – Fairy

Watercolor Fairy Painting / NE photo-images / NE.Perkins

Original Watercolor Fairy Painting / NE photo-images / NE.Perkins

I would digitally create artwork like this when I was pregnant with my daughter. Decided to try masking first, then I painting background, took masking off and painting the black inside of fairy. I love it! Turned out great.


Art – Mt. Hood, Oregon

Mt. Hood, Oregon / Watercolor Painting

Mt. Hood, Oregon / Original Watercolor Painting


The last few days have been true Oregon summer weather all the way over here in NE Oklahoma. Might as well try my first Oregon watercolor painting. I didn’t do that bad for my first time….Ha! You should see the last couple flops…horrid! I miss my mountain! I have been able to hang out on my 3rd floor, painting and enjoying this lovely weather. Almost time to hideout inside now that the weather is going back to its original hellacious summer temp. To my Oregonians: I miss y’all terribly :)

Using Chinese paint brushes with watercolor.

Art – Floral

A few rough sketches for this morning.

I am sure I have mentioned this numerous times…I love floral art. You can’t go wrong with simple sketch, some ink, and watercolor. I truly believe anyone can create flowers. My morning routine is usually setting up all my supplies outside (if it isn’t deathly hot), making a morning beverage and drawing. This morning was beautiful and cool out, who knew Oklahoma summer could be so refreshing in mid July! Love it!! Here are a few quick paintings for my Friday.




Flower / Watercolor / ink

Flower / Watercolor / ink

Flower / Watercolor / ink

Flower / Watercolor / ink

Flower / Watercolor / ink

Flower / Watercolor / ink

Flower / Watercolor / ink

Flower / Watercolor / ink

Have a wonderful weekend y’all :) Till next time. – NE.Perkins

Art – Peacock / LOT NO. 6

2nd peacock attempt.

“For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive.”  – David Herbert Lawrence
My first attempt at drawing a peacock and I did four of them. I just couldn’t get it right till the 4th and thanks to the inspiration of a couple other artists…I am so very done with peacocks.
1st peacock attempt

1st peacock attempt

Went overboard and countless hours of useless show.

Went a bit overboard on detail.

The pride of the peacock is the glory of God. The lust of the goat is the bounty of God. The wrath of the lion is the wisdom of God. The nakedness of woman is the work of God.” - William Blake

*Inspired by Klarem Art – Not for Sale

I then decided to get a little imaginative from some artwork byKlarem Art and decided to try out a facial peacock, as in a human with peacock hair. This piece turned out rather odd and it isn’t all that bad when I split the face in half. I suck at facials and don’t really try…at all. Can you tell? Ha!

*Inspired by Klarem Art – Not for Sale

On to why I decided to try out my hand at peacocks…my best friend loves them. She even has one gorgeous piece of artwork tattooed on her body. She is not only lovely, the artwork on her body is too.
Vanessa Somerville / Owner of Lot No. 6 / Photo: NE photo-images

Vanessa Somerville / Owner of Lot No. 6 / Photo: NE photo-images

She owns Lot No. 6 here in Tulsa, Oklahoma that is not only a bar, it’s an Art Bar. She showcases local artists every month.  The establishment is non-smoking, very clean, wonderful patrons and staff. It’s quite pleasant to sit at a bar and be able to look at magnificent artwork from locals here in Oklahoma.

*Inspired by unknown artist. Not for sale.

*Inspired by unknown artist. Not for sale.

Lot No. 6 celebrates its 3rd birthday this month, July 18th, 2014  and I wanted to create something to commemorate the business and the owner. My last piece is my favorite. This one was inspired by an unknown artist when I was browsing the net for ideas ( I am not a peacock fan and I obviously can’t draw them). Anyway, it isn’t for sale and it was a good practice. I thank the original artist.

*Inspired by unknown artist. Not for sale.

About Lot No. 6

To expose every person to the value of art and to give worth to our local starving artists.
Tulsa’s best art bar, located in the Pearl District. Live art shows once a month (check status updates), drink and draw, karaoke, live music and entertainment, all with the coldest beer and liquor in town.
1323 E 6th St
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120
- Open 7 days a week -
LOT NO. 6 / Pearl District of Tulsa, Oklahoma

LOT NO. 6  Art Bar  -  Pearl District  -  Tulsa, Oklahoma *Photo by Heath Photo

Electric Rag Band
The art, the bar, patrons, staff, and even the owner are nice to look at. Come stare at some beauty with me on the 18th and congratulate her for hitting her 3rd year open!!!
See y’all there :)

Photos – Mercury Lounge

Tulsa’s Premier Dive Bar & Original Music Venue
1747 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119
Founded in 2005, Tulsa’s Mercury Lounge…

… is a converted gas station on the corner of 18th & Boston Avenue.

…regularly supports and showcases the best in live, original music- local, regional and national alt/americana/bluegrass/red dirt/country/punk/funk/rock artists. (No hip-hop, No metal, No cover-bands.)

…over the years, has won “Absolute Best of Tulsa” awards for Tulsa’s “Best New Bar,” “Best Bar at 18th and Boston,” “Best Dive Bar,” “Cheapest Drinks,” “Best Original Music Venue,” “Best Small Music Venue,” with the “Best Bartender” and “Best Happy Hour”.

…is the nicest dive bar around; with a drinking patio, a fireplace, a pool table and an old-school juke box.

… is all things to all people. It is a classic juke-joint. It is both a live music venue and a neighborhood bar. Come and be seen or come and hide-out. Relax or raise hell. All “walks of life,” ethnicities and proclivities are welcome- Nobody here is judging.

Come see why we’re proud to say…
“This Bar Sucks!”
House Specialities
Happy Hour- Daily 2p-7p
$1.50 PBR ($6.50 bucket)
$1.75 Miller Light/Miller High Life/Coors/Coors Light ($7.50 bucket)
Thursday’s- Ladies Night
Free Miller Light for the gals
Sunday’s- Service Industry Night-
Free Miller High Life Draft for our friends in the business

All-day, Everyday
$5 Beer/Shot Combo
Frozen Vegas Bomb
Screamin’ Steven’s Beef Jerky Vodka
Full bar
Rotating selection of draft beers
Original Show Posters
by “A Studio” – Thom Self

Purchase Original Gig Posters from A Studio

(copied directly off their site)

Want to know more:

“I’ve been going to Mercury Lounge since they opened up in 2005. One of my favorite of three bars here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Renegade is not far from Merc and Lot No. 6 is in the Pearl District of Tulsa on 6th and Peoria…these three are my favorites. “ -NE.Perkins

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